The first menu’s were all

about the Waffles, and May

About The Happy Cooker...

Lori & Mike - Owners / Finance, HR, Sales & Marketing Officers

Lori & Mike are retired beer people (Coors of course!) with 30+ years experience in Operations, Sales, Marketing, and Tasting (beer). They are responsible for the financial and marketing aspects of the Happy Cooker, as well keeping the place happy:-) They have been a part of the Front Range mountain communities for over 20 years and love Georgetown for it’s history and culture. They are proud to be in business with Derek (we are family owned and managed). They are most often seen in or near New Orleans in the Winter, and wearing costumes at events and parades around Georgetown in the Summer

The Happy Cooker House Under

remodel in 1938

Founded in 1974 The first concept

drawing of “May” the Happy Cooker Girl.

Today… May is still here, and so is The Happy Cooker

About Us...

The Happy Cooker Restaurant

412 Sixth Street Georgetown, Co 80444

303-569-3166 - - Contact Us

​​412 Sixth Street - Located in the Historic District of Georgetown, Colorado

We are OPEN every day at 7:00 AM - year round

Derek - Owner / Commander in Chef

Derek is a Colorado Native, with over 14 years experience at the Happy Cooker. He develops and creates our awesome and consistent menu AND he ensures the best experience for our Guests. Derek was inspired by the cuisine in New Orleans, primarily the style and flavor of French foods. He insists that you try his Benedict's (origin Delmonico’s Restaurant, NY - Eggs à la Benedict), Quiche specials, and the Homemade Soups and Breads (for that real French & European touch) He is most often seen at the restaurant, hanging out in Georgetown, and running up Guanella Pass.